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With Okpal, you can launch your fundraising in 2 minutes to raise money with your friends, relatives or supporters.

  • Fund a personal or professional project

  • Finally launch you career change project

  • Help a friend or raise funds for a cause

  • Offer a birthday gift or a leaving present

  • Take care of your pet

  • Organize a humanitarian trip

  • Achieve your next sport challenge

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Tip! Set up your Okpal using your Facebook account, your Ulule account or just your email.

They succeeded with Okpal!

  • Paul raised over €70,000 to continue his fight in court against Monsanto, alongside its Phyto Victimes organization. See Paul's campaign

  • Charline fights against a long disease, and thanks to her father, every day she lives a new dream that puts a smile back on her face! See Charline's campaign

  • Antoine funded his trans-Atlantique race in sailing-boat on Okpal thanks to the support of his friends and family! See Antoine's campaign

  • Marie raised over €6,000 by herself to provide homeless people with tents and sleeping bags. See Marie's campaign

  • Estelle funded her training course to become a clown at the hospital and make laugh the young (and old alike)! See Estelle's campaign

Okpal fits any need

  • Adaptable

    Optional and non-restrictive goal, you get your funds whenever you want!

  • Useful

    Public or private, data exports, news publishing and comments, time limited or permanent campaign

  • Unique cost

    2% fees plus 3% for payment providers and technical costs, that's all. Totally free for the backer.


Animate your campaign

With Okpal, you're autonomous and we have thought of all you need to succeed

  • Publish news for your backers

  • Get free coaching emails (see an example)

  • Make the most of our support website content

  • Contact us if you have any question (a real human will answer!)

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Secured & privacy by design

Our payment system is fully designed to guarantee maximal security over banking transactions and prevent fraud. We don't store any sensitive banking details. All our data are encrypted.

Banking details are only used to perform banking transactions with our payment service providers: MangoPay for Europe and Stripe for rest of the world.

Okpal is build with Ulule's team expertise and energy in order to make fundraising accessible and secure to anyone.

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