How does it work?

The simplest solution to collect money from your network! The service is operated by Ulule, one of the pioneers and leader in crowdfunding.
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  • 1. Launch your campaign in just few minutes

    From the web or your mobile device, fill out the main parameters of your campaign. You can change these parameters later (date, amount, description,...). Okpal is fully flexible: you don’t have to reach the amount you aim initially, you will get all donations you receive, no matter how much you’ve collected. You can also decide to set your campaign as public or private (only people with the exact link will be able to land on your campaign).

  • 2. Share and stimulate your campaign

    Your campaign is live? Share your Okpal page with your network, by email or using your favorite social networks. Invite your relatives, friends and fans to contribute but also to share with their own network. The audience of your campaign will be based on the networks you’ll be able to reach. Just keep in mind to never spam (as it’s always counter-productive). Stimulate your campaign by updating it with news, thanking your donors and answering the questions and comments you receive. Motivate people with great reasons to contribute!

  • 3. Complete your campaign and receive your money

    With Okpal, all your transactions are 100% secured. We will need your bank details and identity information in order to send you the collected funds. Once your campaign is closed, the funds will be transfered on your bank account in three working days maximum (our advice, fill all the information requested before the end of your campaign to save time). You can wait for your defined end date or stop your campaign whenever you want. You will receive the total collected amount minus the 5% Okpal commission (including all taxes and fees).

  • Want to find out more?

    • Okpal is open to individuals, organizations and corporations
    • No minimum or maximum amount for your campaign
    • Donors do not pay any fee
    • Contributions without compensations are considered as donations
    • Okpal is managed by the company editing the crowdfunding website Ulule
    • For more information, check out our terms of use
    • For any question, feel free to contact

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