Okpal for non-profit organizations

Raise money year-round for all your projects

Okpal is build with Ulule's team expertise and energy in order to make real any projects to anyone!

Okpal is a fundraising platform for organizations to raise money with punctual or monthly donations from their network.

  • Adaptable

    Optional and non-restrictive goal, you get your funds whenever you want!

  • Useful

    Public or private, data exports, news publishing and comments, and soon tax receipt automation!

  • Unique cost

    2% fees plus 3% for payment providers and technical costs, that's all.
    Totally free for the backer.


Peer-to-peer fundraising

Especially for organizations, launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign with your network: local branch, members or even general public. They launch fundraising campaigns to your benefit!

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Easily manage your organization day-to-day life

Online solution to manage accounting, website, memberships and more

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Secured & privacy by design

Our payment system is fully designed to guarantee maximal security over banking transactions and prevent fraud. We don't store any sensitive banking details. All our data are encrypted.

Banking details are only used to perform banking transactions with our payment service providers: MangoPay for Europe and Stripe for rest of the world.

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